Living Trust

Living TrustA revocable living trust is probably the best strategy to avoid probate, protect your financial privacy and provide long-range planning advantages.  In order to protect your assets and make sure they are distributed in accordance with your wishes, you may wish to establish a revocable living trust.  Trusts can be designed to manage your investments now and provide broader financial management later, to make provisions for a surviving spouse, children or other family members, to reduce the impact of estate taxes or avoid probate, and for many other reasons

A living trust can be established without any initial funding other than a minimal amount. Therefore, it incurs no trustee fees until the fund receives investable assets. Unlike your will, a living trust agreement is not a matter of public record.  Revocable living trusts provide the framework for long-range family security planning and can be arranged for your trust to continue after your death so the assets in the trust at your death will escape probate and any ensuing publicity. Family privacy is preserved.

Give us a call and one of our experienced trust officers will sit down with you and explore the opportunities a revocable living trust may provide for you.