Investment Management

Investment ManagementWe know you have a financial goal in mind, but do you have a systematic plan for achieving that goal?  At VCB Financial Group, we will work with you to develop a customized strategy to achieve your goal.

In serving as your Investment Manager, we will exploit our sources of research and analysis to manage your money productively. We will work with you to determine your investment objectives, including your income requirements, risk tolerance, time horizon and tax status.  All of this information will be used to create a personalized asset allocation strategy for your portfolio, investing primarily in individual stocks and bonds.  This allows us to carefully manage the tax consequences of active trading, matching capital gains against losses, and lowering transaction costs

Our approach to equity investing is to select the stocks of companies which we believe have above-average earnings growth prospects.  Companies selected must meet our standards for financial strength, profitability and sustainability of future growth.

Once your portfolio is constructed, we continue to monitor the investments in your account to ensure it is continuing to meet your investment objectives.  At VCB Financial Group, we know there is more to managing your wealth than managing your money.  And we go to great lengths to manage your wealth in the context of your unique family situation.