Estate Administration

Estate AdministrationYou rely on professionals to manage most, if not all, of your investment portfolio.  However, when it comes to managing your estate, the wealth you have created over your lifetime, you’re likely to turn to a family member for help.  One of the most difficult times in any family comes at the death of a family member.  In the midst of their grief, can your son or daughter really be expected to handle the time-consuming details of your estate?

Settling an estate is a complex process than can take many months or years.  In serving as executor or personal representative, VCB Financial Group can ensure a smooth solution to the complex details of estate settlement and make the process as stress-free as possible for your family.  With our extensive experience in estate settlement, we will alleviate the burden of record keeping, tax-preparation, investment management, and administration that the settlement of your estate will require.  We can also serve as co-executor with one of your family members, allowing us to provide the professional management of the estate while the family member provides the personal knowledge of your family circumstance.

Do your family a favor and call VCB Financial Group today to set up an appointment to explore the many benefits of naming a professional fiduciary to handle the settlement of your estate and help your heirs to avoid the acrimony that may result if you don't.